About Us

"Necessity is the mother of invention," this was definitely the case for VitFit. In 2007, Philadelphia-based personal trainer, Elizabeth Robinson found herself with more clients than time in a day. In an effort to maximize the level of service for her clients, and help them maintain their training programs within the limitations of a busy schedule, Liz created a virtual solution that became VitFit.

VitFit began as a series of individual mp3 workouts and training calendars for specific training clients. Over the years, the workouts have been tested, adjusted and have grown in number and diversity. However, the most important development in the VitFit program came in 2010 when the VitFit team created the assessment tools and algorithms necessary to provide an online program that could genuinely be called a "personalized" training program. Shortly thereafter, the website myvitfit.com was launched.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, the VitFit team employs the best and the brightest trainers, coaches and medical consultants available. While our core team is located in Philadelphia, we reach beyond our physical borders to provide specialty coaching from the US, Spain, France and Greece.


All of our trainers are board certified and each has more than 10 years experience helping clients to meet their fitness goals. Led by the VitFit founder, Elizabeth Robinson, our training team works together to bring the best of their individual skills to make your training program a success. Instead of having one trainer, VitFit provides you with the skills and talents of many.

The most important belief we at VitFit hold is that fitness should be fun, accessible and thought-free. Several of us on the VitFit team know what it' s like to walk into a fitness center and feel lost, or hope that what we are doing is really going help us meet our goals. The VitFit program allows the user to walk into any facility with confidence and the knowledge that their time will be spent wisely.

Our clients work hard and make decisions all day, but at the gym they just play. Your workout should be worry free, fun and effective. Whatever your goal or fitness level, VitFit takes the work out of your workout.