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myVitFit is the original audio-based prescriptive fitness app.

With comprehensive assessments,
progressive and regressive programming,
and a personalized training program,
myVitFit is the easy solution to organizational fitness.


Personal training in an audio-based web app

myVitFit builds value for your organization by delivering a complete turnkey fitness program to your users with minimal administrative overhead.

  • Prescribed daily fitness regimen
  • Personalized progression and regression of workout difficulty
  • Comprehensive assessments
    White label branding
  • Private social media network
  • Regular metrics reporting

myVitFit is only available to businesses and organizations,
find out how myVitFit can bring value to your benefits portfolio.


Better Health

Gym and club owners can reconnect with members with myVitFit.

Improved Outcomes

Build Community

Personal Fitness trainers get more clients with myVitFit.

stronger teams

Increase Engagement

myVitFit is the best workout at home, at the gym, or on the road.

happier people

Made affordable

As Seen in:

Shape Magazine
Philadelphia Life magazine
Philadelphia Magazine
Daily Candy
Entrepreneur magazine
Philadelphia Enquirer


What People Are Saying…

“I was hesitant/skeptical on how motivating audio workouts would be. I am no longer skeptical – the workouts have been great. “

– Alex V, 55, IT professional

“I really enjoy the program. You put me in some of the best shape of my life! “

– Anna H, 26, veterinary student

“Wanted to let you know I just finished my first workout. Loved it. I can’t wait to try tomorrow’s.“

– Colleen W, 28, sportscaster

“What happened to me today, is that called a ‘RUNNER’S HIGH’?
I want more. Thank you so much!!!!!“

– Keith C, 46, customer service professional