How it Works

myVitFit answers the most important exercise questions – what to do, why to do it and how to meet your goals, and since myVitFit goes wherever you go, your individual fitness program and coach are available to you wherever and whenever you want them.  

Anyone who is new to an exercise program will love myVitFit.  It breaks down the barriers between the user and the vast array of fitness options.  Because myVitFit creates a program based on the user, new exercisers can feel confident that they will be able to accomplish each and every workout successfully and safely.  In fact, by starting a fitness program with myVitFit, new exercisers will learn how to workout the right way, avoiding injury and understanding how to progress properly.  

Exercise veterans who want to get more from their workouts will push past plateaus, pick-up new tricks and re-invigorate their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  

Since the myVitFit platform is supported by trainers, your VitFit trainer is available to review your progress, offer support and make sure you have the resources you need to be successful.

myVitFit for gyms and athletic clubs.

Gym owners and operators

What does myVitFit bring to a fitness club? myVitFit is member retention, market differentiation, and ancillary revenue. We create stronger relationships.

myVitFit transitions your club from facility to community and keeps your members engaged both while they are in your club and when they are away.  The tools available through the myVitFit club portal allow your training team to spend more time training and less time on selling and programming.  How?  We streamline the fitness evaluation and exercise programming process.  We support your training team with the trainer toolbox and we help the sales team transition members into training clients.   

myVitFit for Independent Personal Trainers.

Independent trainers

Not affiliated with a fitness club? No problem. We have members that are looking for a virtual fitness solution, but don’t have access to a myVitFit affiliated club. 

With the myVitFit program you have access to a dynamic training platform that prescribes solutions to clients while you support them through the process. We do the programming work, progress workouts, regress workouts and connect you to your clients through the trainer tools. You do what you do best- support, educate, and help clients to thrive. You can also sell one-on-one sessions directly through the platform. 

Want to learn more about becoming a myVitFit certified trainer? There’s no cost to you, unless you wish to receive CECs with affiliated organizations. Go to the contact us page to find out more.

myVitFit for Enterrise, Companies, and Organizations.


Enhance your wellness offerings with prescribed fitness programs supported by fitness professionals.

It’s challenging to keep employees excited about wellness programs. We’re here to help. The myVitFit platform will keep your team(s) connected while they each work on a program that is specific to them.

No one is left behind in the myVitFit wellness program. Each user is meeting their individual health goals and working at an appropriate level of challenge for them. With myVitFit your company’s wellness program isn’t another “to-do” for your employees, it IS their wellness solution. Managing the program is easy for you. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and enthusiastically observes “the right to be forgotten”.