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Students, Faculty, and Staff

For Colleges and Universities

myVitFit keeps your campus moving on every mobile device.

myVitFit delivers the highest quality, professionally developed workouts on a daily basis– ideal for students, faculty, and staff.

The science is clear: regular exercise increases healthy lifelong outcomes,1 and digital tools can help increase adoption of new habits.2

myVitFit is personalized virtual training for every individual, anywhere, any time, on campus or off.

myVitFit builds community

Build Community

myVitFit improves health outcomes

Improve Outcomes

myVitFit increases engagement

Increase Engagement

myVitFit is the best and easiest workout app

You know education, we know fitness.

  • Guidance: Students don’t need to figure out what to do, how or when to do it. We take care of keeping them fit and engaged in their physical conditioning.
  • Easy: Your teams don’t need any more to manage. myVitFit is a turnkey solution that is easy to implement and is kind to departmental budgets.
  • Efficient: There’s a reason we go to school to get an education and not just study on our own. The same is true for fitness and myVitFit gets you in shape.

myVitFit For Students

For Students

With the uncertainty and disruption in student life today, consistency and dependability are critical. myVitFit allows students to keep fit and stay connected to their community wherever they are. As a complement to your existing recreational or wellness programs, myVitFit is an easy solution to expanding your offerings. 

Continually improving wellness outcomes in your populations demands a wide array of approaches, and a key component is myVitFit’s turnkey training solution that is easy to manage and easy on departmental budgets. For larger institutions, myVitFit complements your existing fitness programs to allow greater choice and flexibility for your users. For smaller schools, myVitFit brings a total physical fitness solution to your wellness program’s other lifestyle management offerings. 

myVitFit For Faculty And Staff

For Faculty And Staff

An easy to manage, affordable fitness program is an important lifestyle management component of your employee health and wellness program, and digital health interventions have proven to be effective in increasing physical activity.2

myVitFit brings the experience of working with a real-life personal trainer to a convenient, personalized web app. Give your employees actionable tools to improve their fitness and wellness. myVitFit’s dynamic training program provides the how, when and why everyday with the support and encouragement of a personal trainer.

What’s it like using myVitFit?

myVitFit best fitness assessment

myVitFit begins with the most comprehensive physical fitness assessment in the industry, placing users in the most appropriate level for their needs and goals.

myVitFit daily audio workouts

myVitFit’s professional trainers guide users on an audio-based exercise program that is as portable as the user’s mobile device, the next best thing to in-person training.

myVitFit features built-in private social network functionality, the best fitness app for clubs.

A built-in social network that is private to your institution increases engagement, retention, and builds community. We respect the privacy of our users and don’t sell data

myVitFit has progressive prescribed workouts for every fitness level.

Your school’s recreation or fitness professionals can monitor or mentor users right in the app, or in person. Or use our trainers – the choice is yours.

And with custom branding for your school colors, myVitFit easily and seamlessly integrates into your other digital programs.

  1. “Physical activity patterns during the young adult years are likely to be important influences on habitual physical activity during overall adult life and, consequently, have significant implications for long-term health outcomes.” Read more:
  2. “A fully automated Internet and mobile phone-based motivation and action support system can significantly increase and maintain the level of physical activity in healthy adults.” Read More:

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