Experience the myVitFit Difference!

The Difference

myVitFit is nothing without the user.
mVF prescribed workouts are released daily to the individual user based on their responses to previous workouts and their evolving fitness level.

Not just what to do, but Why and How

myVitFit is different from Day 1. We cannot start until you start.

Step 1, is the Baseline Assessment.

Immediately when a user starts the assessment, the myVF difference is apparent. 

Each step of the assessment is guided to ensure successful completion. In addition to the what to do, the whys and the hows are equally important.

myVitFit’s assessment is an evaluation of cardio health, strength and flexibility. It is easy to follow for any fitness level and provides instant feedback to the user. 

With the support of the assessment and continual feedback, myVitFit workouts are not selected by the user, but prescribed by the program to meet the needs of the individual and support them along the way. 

Prescribed and Personalized

Driven to Support and Educate

Focused on the User not the App

Step Away from the Screen

We strongly believe that the way to internalize the brain body connection is through audio engagement. All mVF workouts are delivered in audio format. Why? It’s easier to listen as you move than watch and compare. myVitFit isn’t about our trainers and their workout; it’s about yours. 

Not sure you agree? Test your audio and visual response time… 1

Fully supported on your schedule

VitFit trainers, led by Fitness Director Regi Drake provide support to members on the myVitFit platform. However, other trainers associated with the users may choose to interact through the platform with quick check-ins through mySocial, our integrated private social media community area, and view user responses to the daily Tune-ins that accompany every workout and rest day. Visibility into the users’ activities are granted by the users themselves, not VitFit.

  • Personalized for every user
  • Progressive and regressive programming
  • Audio-based: distraction-free, trainer led, and great tunes!
  • Updated daily regardless of holidays or facility closures
fitness is freedom

Different for users

Ever tried to follow a fitness pro video and missed the first 5 reps trying to catch-up? We have, and we’re fitness pros!

Ever had to “Watch Debbie for the low impact option,” or paused to watch a movement and found yourself sitting on the floor just watching the workout?

Workout like no one is watching!

  • Do YOUR workout not the available workout
  • Trainer support at your fingertips
  • We plan, you live your life
  • Miss a day? Have a setback? Making unexpected progress? No problem, we adjust around you
  • Walk into each workout with confidence and an invisible guide
  • Keep your fitness life in one place, your trainer, your accountability partner(s), your plan, everything is on myVitFit
myVitFit is the hub of your fitness community

different for institutions

Give your employees, students and fitness team a more connected wellness solution.

Give your HR professionals and Recreation Directors an efficient way to provide personalized fitness solutions. Keep your team moving in a smart and guided way.

  • A trainer for every employee, student, club member, everyone!
  • Transform what wellness means 
  • Low cost, high touch support for your team
  • You get the glory, we do the work
  • Easy user management…so easy, we do it for you
  • HIPAA compliant reporting for ROI evaluation

1 Auditory and Visual Response time provided with approval from Cognitive Fun, www.new.cognitivefun.net