the technology behind myVitFit

The Technology

algorithms Built to support you

The myVitFit virtual fitness platform uses proprietary algorithms built on an open-source foundation.

The fitness experience is centered around daily audio-based workouts that are personalized for the user, seamlessly progressing and regressing their program.

Users are served a daily workout (either strength, cardio, flexibility, or recovery) based on their fitness level, without them having to decide – myVitFit takes the guesswork out of their workout!

Created by experienced trainers, the audio program guides the user with extensive cues and associated text and images to insure proper form and efficiency.

Coupled with the most comprehensive fitness assessment in the industry, and a built-in private social network, trainers and club-owners can easily communicate with their members and monitor their experience. The myVitFit platform is the only truly hybrid solution bridging the gap between in-person and online fitness.

Daily Audio-based Workouts

Comprehensive Assessments

Private Social Networking

myVitFit fitness training platform works on any device.

features for Club Owners, Managers, and Trainers

  • Web app works on any device – no downloading from iOS App Store or Google Play
  • Your branding or ours- your choice!
  • Tools and tracking to support your membership
  • Fully automated, carefree fitness means more time for trainers
  • Built-in private social network with familiar interface
  • Professional trainer-led instruction with great workout music!
myVitFit has progressive prescribed workouts for every fitness level.

Prescribed Workouts

It’s impossible for a training team to prescribe custom workouts for EVERY member of a fitness club, but myVitFit can, and does.

Our algorithms work to deliver the right audio-based workout every day for every member. The dashboard allows users to see what workout is on-deck and what equipment to use.

Members complete workouts, and trainers can view their feedback.

  • Personalized for every user
  • Progressive and regressive programming
  • Audio-based: distraction-free, trainer led, and great tunes!
  • Updated daily regardless of holidays or facility closures

Industry-leading Assessments

All myVitFit platforms are powered by the most detailed and comprehensive fitness assessments in the industry. Designed to be an accurate alternative to an in-person assessment, myVitFit’s assessment gives a clear snapshot of a user’s fitness level in upper and lower body strength, cardio, and flexibility, as well as a cumulative overall fitness level.

Even though myVitFit provides a self-guided assessment, trainers have the ability to see when a member has completed it, and manually adjust a user’s program or equipment settings if the need arises.

  • Initial and quarterly assessments
  • Continual data gathering to progress and regress workouts throughout the program.
  • Easy to read reports on whole body fitness level
  • Equipment ratings for dumbbells and barbells
  • Convenient access anytime on myDashboard
myVitFit features built-in private social network functionality, the best fitness app for clubs.

Social Networking

With the built-in social media functionality of myVitFit, club owners, managers, and trainers can interact with their membership on a regular basis– building community and brand loyalty. By regularly interacting with club membership, trainers have ample opportunity to develop new prospects for their training services. Owners/operators have a direct ear to their member’s needs and sentiments, increasing your agility in marketing and business decision-making.

  • Private only to your club or organization
  • Custom groups for training cohorts
  • Private messaging for users and admins
  • Friending, notifications, and following
  • Familiar interface and functionality