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The myVitFit platform is designed to support the activities of your club, and to provide information, efficiency, and a sales funnel to your training team.

Our intake process provides actionable information to trainers allowing them to offer more informed service and support to members in your facility and away from it.

Trainers who choose to interact with the platform know what every club member is doing and how they’re responding to their workouts. Members hit the ground running with a personalized workout every day.

myVitFit builds community

Boost retention

myVitFit improves health outcomes

Improve Efficiency

myVitFit increases engagement

Increase Profit

myVitFit is the best and easiest workout app

How would your club Change if…

  • Your members all had: an individual fitness program on Day 1, a guide to help onboard them, and a training partner to support them through every workout?
  • Your trainers could: provide fitness support to all of your members, get actionable feedback on every member’s workout, and follow their clients’ workouts between sessions?

What would happen to your Revenue if…

  • Your trainers could work with a greater percentage of your membership
  • Your club transitioned from facility to community
  • Your fitness programming was based on easily accessible member data like fitness levels and activities
  • Each of your members had a relationship with one of your trainers?
myVitFit for Clubs

Benefits to clubs

Differentiate your club by giving every member a personalized fitness solution in the palm of their hand, and give them the guidance and support of one of your club trainers, under your brand, for less than one of those off-the-rack fitness apps.

Answer the burning question, “What are our members doing?” Design your fitness program around the activities of your members without doing another survey.

myVitFit’s intelligence, we call Mylo, makes member intake engaging, satisfying and quick. Mylo provides the what, the how and the when that empowers members to become enthusiasts.

myVitFit for Trainers

Benefits to Trainers

Activities of club members and the responses they have to workouts on the mVF program are visible by trainers, and can be reviewed for off-app support.

Knowing when a member is struggling or bored with a specific exercise, before a member even enters the club, is an opportunity to provide support and build a book of engaged clients. In the time that it takes to rack a barbell, trainers can see the member’s fitness profile make adjustments as necessary.

mySocial is a quick and club-centric way to create teams, accountability partners and increase camaraderie. Use it for class promotion or gauge interest for small group training among members with similar fitness interests and abilities.

What’s it like using myVitFit?

myVitFit best fitness assessment

myVitFit begins with the most comprehensive physical fitness assessment in the industry, placing users in the most appropriate level for their needs and goals.

myVitFit daily audio workouts

myVitFit’s professional trainers guide users on an audio-based exercise program that is as portable as the user’s mobile device. Club trainers support as much or as little as they like.

myVitFit has progressive prescribed workouts for every fitness level.

Club trainers may support as much or as little as they like. If a mVF user is connected to a club trainer, the member is encouraged to check-in with their trainer on a regular basis to check form and evaluate progress.

myVitFit features built-in private social network functionality, the best fitness app for clubs.

A built-in social network that is private to your club increases engagement, retention, and builds community. We respect the privacy of our users and don’t sell data

And with custom branding, myVitFit easily and seamlessly integrates into your other digital programs.

Give your team a chance to try myVitFit!

myVitFit is not available to unaffiliated users. Contact us to find out how your club can demo myVitFit.