Your team is your biggest asset.

A physically fit workforce is a more efficient and happier workforce.

Presenteeism, absenteeism, and burn-out are bad for employees, bad for morale, and bad for companies.1 An easy-to-manage, affordable fitness program is an important lifestyle management component of your health and wellness program, and digital health interventions have proven to be effective in increasing physical activity.2

myVitFit’s reporting tools allow for easy integration into your existing incentive and rewards programs.

Celebrate success AND protect your employees’ privacy. myVitFit’s reports allow you to see progress without revealing personal information.

myVitFit builds community

Build Community

myVitFit improves health outcomes

Easy Reporting tools

myVitFit increases engagement

Increase Engagement

myVitFit for companies and Organizations

myVitFit user reports are industry-standard metrics in-app or downloadable

Add value to your Health and Wellness benefits package:

  • We meet the user at their fitness level and deliver personal training designed for them.
  • Easy and fast setup and hands-off management for organizations of any size.
  • Affordable rates insure consistent budget planning into the future.
  • Adoption, usage, and engagement reports are at your fingertips.
  • Customizable styling to integrate with your company’s brand

myVitFit can be used anywhere

Making fitness (and your HR job) more fun and manageable

We know these are busy times in Human Resources. myVitFit is an easy solution for busy HR pros with hands-off management and convenient setup. We take care of the on-boarding process, so that your job isn’t any more difficult or time-consuming. 

And myVitFit is flexible: be as involved as you would like in your own, private in-app social network. You can build your community and engagement with familiar features such as specialty groups for departments or teams. It’s great for departmental challenges, incentivizing, and having a little fun while keeping your people healthy.  

HR managers also have a wealth of usage data available to gauge adoption rate, churn, and the overall return for your organization.

What’s it like using myVitFit?

myVitFit best fitness assessment

myVitFit begins with the most comprehensive physical fitness assessment in the industry, placing users in the most appropriate level for their needs and goals.

myVitFit daily audio workouts

myVitFit’s professional trainers guide users on an audio-based exercise program that is as portable as the user’s mobile device, the next best thing to in-person training.

myVitFit features built-in private social network functionality, the best fitness app for clubs.

A built-in social network that is private to your institution increases engagement, retention, and builds community. We respect the privacy of our users and don’t sell data

myVitFit has progressive prescribed workouts for every fitness level.

Your organization’s HR professionals can monitor or mentor users right in the app. Our trainers can also provide optional additional support services.

And with custom branding of your business identity, myVitFit easily and seamlessly integrates into your other digital programs.

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