The Fitness

Fitness is freedom.

Smart, guided fitness is the best way to achieve long term success.

We believe that success and freedom should be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth, age, or starting point.

myVitFit is like GPS for Fitness. Listen and Go!

We make progress as easy as pressing myWorkout.

You don’t have the same goals as anyone else. You don’t have the same body as everyone else. With myVitFit, we begin by getting to know YOU. In fact, we’re a little obsessed with you. We learn about your cardiovascular system, what strengths you have, and what limitations you push through.

We work with YOUR strengths and improve YOUR weaknesses. Don’t be surprised when we find and focus on your weakest link. You’ll thank us later. 

We take care of all the variables, all of the thinking, and coach you through each of your sessions. You just show up and give it your best effort. It’s your time. It’s your body. We work for you. 

mVF’s Meso Method is the organizational approach we take to move our users through their fitness continuum. The Meso Method breaks down fitness goals into predictable phases that are customized to the individual and in support of a specific goal. 

Beginning with the first meso Foundation and finishishing with Perform, the Meso Method turns accomplishments into achievable habits.  We think regular “wins” are far too rare in life. mVF’s Meso Method changes that.

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Achievement, a win, a medal, accomplishing something you never thought possible is a high without equal. Guiding a client to achieve a goal they never considered or thought possible is one of the most satisfying experiences a trainer can have. Meeting a fitness goal unlocks a special kind of confidence. While it improves general fitness, it also increases the ability to set future goals, in our fitness lives and in other aspects of our lives. Through practice, our minds and bodies can improve our ability to meet goals.

Established with a blend of experience and belief, VitFit is committed to the idea that humans can make success habitual through practice.

We’ve codified that core belief into a system we call The Meso Method. In each myVitFit Program, users are guided to achieve a specific goal that will support overall fitness and wellness improvement. The goals presented are specific, but general in that each supports a component of overall health. We guide our users to achieve each goal through mesocycles in the program. Each goal will be achieved with the same philosophy. We start with meso1: Foundation, continue with meso2: Specificity and finish with meso3: Perform.

Goal setting is great, but accomplishment is unequaled. By design, each myVitFit Program provides users the ability to experience habitual success.

myVitFit cardio fitness


The heart is a muscle that can always be improved. MVF applies this principle to our cardiovascular sessions, used to improve your endurance over time. Our target is to constantly increase our heart’s stroke volume, as well as, our VO2 threshold to heighten our work capacity and our performance overall. MVF accomplishes this by curating sessions of both long and short cardio efforts with variables, such as pushes, active recoveries, sprints, etc to help develop endurance, all in accordance to your current Meso.

myVitFit strength training


Speaking of building, MVF’s approach to strength is also about raising the bar, quite literally. Progressive Overload takes the reins each and every time you step into your strength session using your estimated weight values provided by your continuous assessments. We put particular emphasis on Time Under Tension and Eccentric rep schemes to allow for increased muscle fiber recruitment each and every time the rep happens. You can also expect to do pyramid sets with increasing/decreasing weight and reps to increase both muscular endurance, muscular strength, and hypertrophy.

Mobility on myVtFit


When it comes to strength, we want to make sure it’s accessible from varied ranges. That’s why MVF incorporates sessions focused on Mobility and the body’s way to move and function from different angles and positions. Our mobility sessions are designed to keep you working in a low impact fashion while focusing on both dynamic and isolation based flows that will further your strength work and also help you progress through your cardio sessions. Mobility work will help you walk taller, move with less effort and engage your core in activities of daily life.

MetCon with myVitFit web app


Finally, we call on all of our training tools to give you Metabolic Condition, or MetCon, sessions that challenge all of the systems you are training during your Meso. These short, but intense sessions are used to work on your overall performance. In these sessions, we combine weighted and functional exercises from your strength/mobility sessions and put them into an aerobic environment. Utilizing variables, such as EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), AMRAP (As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible) TABATA, HIIT, etc. you’ll work on pushing your VO2 max threshold to the next level, increasing your work capacity, and expanding the energy reserves in your body.