The Fitness

Fitness is freedom.

Smart, guided fitness is the best way to achieve long term success.

We believe that success and freedom should be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth, age, or starting point.

Like your Club?
Like Your Home? We like both.

We make working out as easy as pressing myWorkout.

Whether on the go, at the gym, or home, myVitFit makes sure users have the right workout available on the right day at the right fitness level.

We connect fitness pros to all of their club members’ workouts.

Trainers can see member progress, provide support based on workout feedback, and focus more time on support and less on programming.

Designed around YOU

No need to modify an exercise or know when or what leg day is.

Trainer supported

Every member of a fitness club is connected to a club trainer.

Keep it In The club

Stay connected to your club team without opening up your social media channels.

mVF’s Meso Method is the organizational approach we take to move our users through their fitness continuum. The Meso Method breaks down fitness goals into predictable phases that are customized to the individual and in support of a specific goal. 

Achievement, a win, a medal, accomplishing something you never thought possible is a high without equal. We think regular “wins” are far too rare in life. mVF’s Meso Method changes that. 

Guiding a client to achieve a goal they never considered or thought possibe is one of the most satisfying experiences a trainer can have. Meeting a fitness goal unlocks a special kind of confidence. While it improves general fitness, it also increases the ability to set future goals, in our fitness lives and in other aspects of our lives. Through practice, our minds and bodies can improve our ability to meet goals. 
Established with a blend of experience and belief, VitFit is committed to the idea that humans can make success habitual through practice. 

We’ve codified that core belief into a system we call The Meso Method. In each myVitFit Program, users are guided to achieve a specific goal that will support overall fitness and wellness improvement. The goals presented are specific, but general in that each supports a component of overall health. We guide our users to achieve each goal through mesocylces in the program. Each goal will be achieve with the same philosophy. We start with meso1: Foundation, continue with meso2: Specificity and finish with meso3: Perform

Goal setting is great, but accomplishment is unequaled. By design, each myVitFit Program provides users the ability to experience habitual success.

fitness is freedom

Workout like no one is watching.

Ever tried to follow a fitness pro video and missed the first 5 reps trying to catch-up? We have, and we’re fitness pros!

Ever had to “Watch Debbie for the low impact option,” or paused to watch a movement and found yourself sitting on the floor just watching the workout?

Your workout is your time, it should be about YOU!

  • Real-time audio coaching, no pausing to look at a screen
  • Prescribed workouts for YOUR fitness level
  • Varied workouts to keep you excited, seeing results and preventing injury
  • REST DAYS to tune-in, relax and rejuvenate.

Keeping it Fresh

The best part of a hard workout is finishing and yelling at your trainer, right?

Tell us how you feel after every workout. Not only will it make you feel better, it will help us keep the workouts dialed-in to your needs.

  • Workouts that progress as you get stronger
  • Easy access to your equipment settings
  • Plans that give you a break when you need a rest
  • New movements at your pace, old ones at a challenging one
myVitFit can be used anywhere

Our Job is to make your job easier

myVitFit makes planning your workout easier and makes it easier for your club trainer to provide support.

Club trainers can view every workout done by every member at any time. Trainers can provide more solutions to more members and members know that they have a support system at the club and away from it.

  • Trainers have more time to do what they do best
  • Members have low barrier access to fitness pros at their club
  • Fun and efficient way to create fitness groups and teams
  • Club trainers can change member programs or adjust equipment settings if appropriate.
Jenna Testimonial

“I joined myVitFit because I was tired of going to the gym and being frustrated by not having a regular, steady fitness plan. I would forget which equipment and exercises I used from one workout session to the next. I knew myVitFit was the right choice for me after downloading the first few sessions. I knew what I would be doing during each workout, and didn’t have to try to remember how many reps or what weight level I used last time. myVitFit remembers all that for me.

I really liked being able to track my progress online. It feels like I’m really accomplishing something with each and every workout session.

myVitFit made going to the gym less of a chore.

– Jenna F., 38

Only available through Clubs and Trainers

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