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This is NOT another content provider that competes with your club. This is YOU in your members’ home, in the park, on vacation AND in your club.

myVitFit is our content, your content, or both, delivered to your members on a club branded platform and integrated into your club.

Your relationships and knowledge make your club a special place. Our scaffolding and support allows your team to be with your member in every place.

A Partner for Clubs.
and trainers.

myVitFit is the only fully-integrated hybrid solution for clubs to offer intelligent, personalized workouts within a virtual platform.

 myVitFit streamlines the fitness evaluation and exercise programming process with our proprietary algorithms, and delivers results instantly to your member and their assigned trainer, whether they’re a client or not.

Members start their prescribed fitness program and trainers can view details Day 1, at home or at the club.

The tools available through myVitFit allow your training team to support every member of the club, with as much or as little time as they like.

Members hire trainers they know and trust. myVitFit provides a connection for each member to a trainer, and gives trainers information they can use to help each user achieve success.

 myVitFit is member retention, market differentiation, and ancillary revenue.

A True Hybrid Solution

Our algorithms deliver instant solutions to your members. Your team stays connected to users in the club and away.

Fast and Easy for your Trainers

With myVitFit, club trainers can see every member’s fitness level and activities, and provide support and solutions specific to the user.

Convenient for your Membership

Each day, members will know what to do, why to do it and have a direct connection to a trainer for more support.

A complete Hybrid Solution

myVitFit transitions your club from facility to community and keeps your members engaged both while they are in your club and when they are working-out from anywhere (WoFA).  The tools available through the myVitFit club portal allow your training team to spend more time training and less time selling and programming. 

  • Answers the question, “What are our members doing?”
  • Transforms member engagement from in the club to everywhere
  • Differentiates the club with prescribed solutions for every member
  • Attracts members with an on-the-go club branded product
  • Seamlessly integrates your fitness team with at home fitness solutions
  • Incremental, subscription-based revenue stream

For Trainers

With the myVitFit program you have access to a dynamic training platform that prescribes solutions to clients while you support them through the process. We do the programming work, progress workouts, regress workouts and connect you to your clients through the trainer tools.

You do what you do best- support, educate, and help clients to thrive. If a member needs a bit more care, they can buy one-on-one sessions directly through the platform. 

  • Work with a greater percentage of members with little to no admin time
  • Increase your pipeline of training prospects
  • Get visibility into member activities and fitness level to help organize small-group training
  • Access member programs to adjust them as you see fit
  • Decrease non-billable hours
Re-engage your long-sleeping club membership with myVitFit.

Your Membership

With myVitFit, there’s no planning, no organizing, no thinking. Your member’s have a daily calendar of prescribed workouts in their pocket and a direct connection to your team on their mySocial menu.

  • Easy on-boarding with no apps to download
  • Workouts that progress and regress based on user feedback
  • Direct line of communication with a club trainer
  • Member feedback on workouts viewable by a club trainer
  • Members can connect with your fitness community within the platform and not their social media accounts
  • Exercise compliance made easy, means greater success
  • Supported, successful long-term members

Delivered To Your Members.
Integrated Into Your Club.

  • Virtual Offering
  • Increased membership revenue
  • Trainer sales pipeline
  • Full member engagement
  • Incremental subscription-based revenue stream
  • Targeted data to stay agile