How a platform can think like a trainer…

What does it mean to think like a trainer?

Good trainers are solution focused people. They are detectives and great observers. When working with a client, a trainer will try to gather as much information about their client’s physical conditioning as possible. They ask questions, they gather data and they watch. They watch very closely.

VitFit has found the ability to give eyes and physiological intuition to a digital device. Rather than ignoring the elephant in the room- that a device is not a human, VitFit has addressed this limitation, resolved it and created a simple solution to overcome barriers in creating a truly personalized digital fitness experience.

Unlike other fitness apps and online tools available in the market, VitFit embraced the challenge to give a personal experience to the user. Other applications were developed to offer an easy solution that can be provided to as many people as possible, as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We took another approach and based our program on the trainer/client experience.

Different from Day 1:

VitFit begins the user experience the same way a client would begin his experience with a trainer- with a fitness evaluation. Unlike the physical trainer/client relationship, VitFit’s relationship with the user is distant. There is no way for a trainer to observe a client and assess the user’s fitness level or points of muscular failure.

Rather than run away from this challenge like it’s competitors have, VitFit developed a fitness evaluation that uses body-weight based exercises to decipher the specific needs and baseline fitness of each user. VitFit’s assessment was designed with a stress test that can be done very simply by anyone, anywhere. These are simple physiological data points that can be difficult to gather without a physical presence, but are crucial to the successful delivery of personal training.