Transforming a device into a coach and giving it intuition…

A common praise from personal training clients is, “I never work as hard when I’m alone as I do when I’m with my trainer. I don’t push myself as hard.” This commitment to exertion is crucial to program adherence. VitFit has addressed this in 2 ways. Each workout is coached by a trainer through real-time audio streams. The workout is prescribed for the user, the exercises are paced at the user’s specific level and the exertion is maintained through music-based pacing and coaching.

Giving a device intuition:

Plateaus are common among people who exercise without the guidance of a trainer. Exercise progression and modality modification are the primary reasons training clients tend to have fewer and shorter fitness plateaus. VitFit designs programs to mix and match modalities to prevent adaption. Additionally, the program asks the user to rate 1-5 (too easy to too difficult) each exercise. VitFit uses this information to modify the user’s program and keep it relevant and useful to him. We are developing an integration that would allow real-time biometric feedback to be gathered and used for program modification.

There is no technology currently available that provides VitFit’s level of industry expertise, customization, and continuum of exercise progression for users based on an industry standard fitness evaluation. VitFit’s algorithms provide the program’s customization and ability to progress with the user.

VitFit provides a 360 ̊ experience for the user. Specific workouts are provided, fitness profiles are created, fitness logs are generated, and the user is coached through their workouts in “real- time”. Each workout prescribed by the program is available as an audio file that tells the user exactly what to do, how to do it and counts the number of repetitions the user completes.