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Start your 2022 Fitness Journey with a trainer-guided Baseline assessment!

As we close out 2021, do you know how far you’ve come? How did you improve your cardio endurance? How about your strength?

Being able to look back at achievement requires knowing where you began. While getting a starting point and setting a baseline may not be the MOST enjoyable part of improvement, it can be a wonderful motivator to stay on track and an amazing source of pride later.

At VitFit we are committed to making fitness fun, easy and appropriate for you…even when it comes to setting a baseline.

Give us 45 minutes and we’ll give you our suggestions for weight settings to use in your workouts AND an idea of your overall fitness level. We’ll guide you through each exercise, provide motivation and tips on form as you go.

Don’t wish you had set a baseline at the end of 2022. Connect with us and prepare for a successful and fun year.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Clubhouse to find out when we’re leading live assessments. Want to complete the assessment on your own schedule? That works too. We’ll be in your ear for support.

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