myVitFit Consumer Version Beta Test Announcement

VitFit’s Prescribed Fitness Solution 2.0 in Beta!

It’s here! Version 2.0 of VitFit’s prescribed online fitness solution is in beta test. Our direct-to-consumer offering will officially launch in January of 2022; but, beginning December 1st, users can get a sneak peek at our newest platform by joining the beta test group.

What’s new in Version 2.0? The user interface is new and improved with easier access to exercise information and a cleaner and more modern “myWorkout” design. Users can schedule sessions with their trainer directly on the platform, and an internal private social network allows members to interact with their trainer and fellow VitFit users within the myVitFit platform.

Experienced VitFit users will notice a few updates to the fitness assessment, as well as minor changes to the post-workout “Tune-ins”. In an effort to make the program more accessible to consumers who may not have immediate access to equipment, our baseline fitness assessment is now all body-weight based. There’s no need for weights to get started. We’ve also rethought our post-workout feedback process. “Tune-ins” are much faster and easier to complete with only 5 feedback questions. Post-workout feedback in the Tune-ins will continue to modify the user’s program based on responses to previous workouts.

Perhaps the most exciting changes we’ve made in version 2.0 are two major additions to our team. The first is the naming of our intelligent customization technology (and mascot), “Mylo”. He’s represented by our new logo and will be appearing more frequently as a tech resource on the platform. The second is our new Fitness Director, Regi Drake. Regi and our founder, Liz Robinson, work in collaboration developing new workouts, reviewing program appropriateness, setting goals for our users, and training new VitFit trainers on the platform’s best practices.

Components that haven’t changed in 2.0 are our proprietary algorithms that make the program-specific for the user, our commitment to professional audio-cuing by seasoned trainers, and our belief that you are your best fitness role model. There’s no need to keep up with anyone on a screen or figure out modifications for exercises that are too hard or too easy. VitFit has always been committed to modifying around the user, not visa versa. It is “my”VitFit after all.

Oh yeah, we have a new BMR calculator too.

Be the first to check out the new direct-to-consumer version of myVitFit. To get an invite code for the 28-day beta test, click here.